• 21-MAR-2017

Prof. Predrag Vujović

Prof. Predrag Vujović

Prof. Predrag Vujović, Ph.D. P.R.A. agency CEO. A leading Communication expert in the region of ex Yugoslavia. Bachelor's degrees Faculty of Economics (Marketing) and Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism and Communication). MA in Marketing and Ph.D. in Public Relations. Specialisation in Italy and Netherlands. Author of largest PR projects: Winter Olympic Games, communication and PR project for Governments of Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Italy and for leading international and domestic companies and media. Last 3 years EU Key communication expert in Serbia.

Lecturing at the Universities of Belgrade, Podgorica, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Milano.

Founder and President of the Public Relations Business School (founded in 1992) with more than 2.500 PR specialists now leading communication in media, governments, companies etc.

Won two most recognized international awards “Golden World Award for Excellence International Public Relations Association”


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