• 26-JAN-2017

John P. Adams

John P. Adams

John Adams has an extensive cosmopolitan knowledge and entrepreneurial base, having visited 15 different countries and lived in five European sites. He currently operates Adams' Calibre LLC, a cyber engagement company based out of London, England. John Adams has over 15 years’ experience continually providing counsel, mentorship, and coaching in the global sectors of academics, small communities, organizational, and individual development in the US and Europe.                                     

John Adams will speak on the role of cybersecurity in the communications process. He intends to convey the global advantages of a maintaining a secure state of data at rest and data in use. Accounts of historical examples in both government and civilian sectors will be relayed with his passion and power for oratory. Furthermore, Adams intends not only to mention the possibilities that security delivers, but will also deliver some practical ways in which communications specialists can reach realistic and secure milestones of strong and sustainable communication.


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