• 26-JAN-2017

  • Christophe Fricker Fricker Nimirum

Christophe Fricker

Christophe Fricker

Dr Christophe Fricker is a Managing Partner at Nimirum. His organisation carries out client-focused research projects on human-machine interaction, social change, and consumer biographies.

Based in Bristol, Christophe has been actively involved in the Remain campaign. He argues that research today has to fight to stay relevant while holding onto its promise to stay away from value judgments.

Christophe teaches German contemporary history and politics at the University of Bristol. He leads a research group on poetry and personhood in modern Europe at the Hanse Institute for Advanced Study.

Christophe holds a doctorate from Oxford University; he is the author, editor, and translator of around twenty books on cultural and social issues, and a regular commentator and reviewer for a number of publications, both online and offline.


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